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January 30, 2012 / rickhermelin

Ride toTorrey Pines

A harder ride today after a weekend off to attend Russ & Julie’s 15th Anniversary House Concert in Oak Park, CA Saturday night. Went up Torrey Pines Road to the south end of the Torrey Pines Municipal Golf Course where they just held the U. S. Open this past weekend. This was similar to a previous ride and again was within a tenth of a mile in average speed which means the new chain ring won’t slow me down but will make the uphills much easier. Again this picture is from an earlier ride with John Pilkington. I keep forgetting to take pictures on my rides.




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  1. johnpilk / Jan 31 2012 7:04 am

    …Rick it was the Farmers Open not the US Open that was back in 2008.

    • rickhermelin / Jan 31 2012 8:10 am

      Thanks John, saw many signs saying “Open” as I rode by and made the wrong assumption. Haven’t been following golf as closely as I used to.

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