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March 28, 2012 / rickhermelin

Day 6 – Hazlehurst, GA to Pridgen, GA

Like Nevils, GA before, my GPS could not find Pridgen, GA either. It was foggy this morning so had to delay my departure until it burned off. On top of that, I was misdirected and found my self going SE instead of SW so had to backtrack and correct which added about 7 miles to the trip. Once on the right road it went fairly smooth. Stopped at a roadside diner where I met a group of local farmers and learned a few things about bees and watermelons. I also had a nice conversation with a young woman who stopped to ask if everything was ok when I had stopped to check directions and to answer my phone and helped me with directions.

Once I arrived in Pridgen I was met by a member of the Coffee County Fire Department sent by Chief Steve Carver who had been contacted by Chief Charles Wasdin from the Hazlehurst Fire Department where I had stayed the night before. Also in Pridgen, I was interviewed by a reporter from a local TV station, Channel 3. After loading the ElliptiGO on a pickup, we went to the main fire station in Douglas, GA, about 15 miles away, where I am spending the night tonight – Pridgen only has a small fire station with no sleeping accomodations – and where I was interviewed by a reporter from the local paper. Tomorrow morning I will be transported back to Pridgen so I can continue on my original route.

Chief Carver and his wife took me out to dinner at a very nice southern style buffet house then gave me a tour of Douglas. Afterwards we spent time back at the station having a nice conversation with the other members of the department and some of their friends.

The first picture below is of Chief Wasdin and Captain Hutto from the Hazlehurst fire department. The second picture is at the Douglas fire station.





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  1. johnpilk / Mar 28 2012 8:21 pm

    Rick, I remember our first ride and how you described how the ride would go, I am so glad that it is as you described, but I am
    even happier about the folks you have met and how great we are as a country. You doing it and all of us supporting such a great cause. Rick you are the best. Rick “the Goat”!!!!

    • rickhermelin / Mar 29 2012 6:26 pm

      Thanks John, everything seems to be falling in place nicely. Guess you will have to find another “goat”.

  2. Robert Gottlieb / Mar 28 2012 8:48 pm


    I look forward to coming home each night and seeing who you hooked up with and where you are spending the night. As I mentioned to Marianne, you are the perfect guy to take on this adventure. Keep updating us each day.

  3. rickhermelin / Mar 29 2012 6:29 pm

    Robert, I hope to give you something interesting to read every day. Say hello to Marianne.

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