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April 2, 2012 / rickhermelin

Day 11 – Newton, GA to Colquitt, GA

Last stop in Georgia!! See picture below. Tomorrow I will head to Malone, FL.

Spent a good afternoon and night with my two hosts at the EMS station in Newton, pictured below. Enjoyed getting to know them and had a good nights rest on a very comfortable recliner, first time I have slept on a recliner.

Today’s trip was a straight shot on Hwy 91 with a lot of nice farmland and not too hilly. About 4 miles from Colquitt I noticed two boys riding a small cart and waving at me so I stopped and had a nice chat with them and their mother.

Had a good southern style lunch at the Pirate’s Cove Inn then checked in at the Star Motel, paid for by Derek Johnson who I met in Hazlehurst about a week ago. Had a call from Lauren Delgado a reporter from the Jackson County Floridian newspaper who interviewed me for a story to be published tomorrow which will coinside with my arrival to Florida.

A local person at the restaurant set down with me for while to chat and told me about some of the local history. He mentioned that the old part of the city is known for the many murals so I will walk over there later this afternoon, after it cools down a bit, and go explore.






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