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April 3, 2012 / rickhermelin

Day 12 – Colquitt, GA to Malone, FL

Yesterday I was interviewed by Terry Toole, Editor and Publisher of the Miller County Liberal local newspaper established in 1897 by his grandmother. The story published today but not until after I left. He told me one of the things Colquitt is known for are the many murals that many artists have painted on buildings around town. The most famous one is a large one painted on a silo pictured below.

Took my time leaving Colquitt this morning as it was a bit foggy and wanted to wait for it to burn off a bit. After a nice breakfast I set off around 8:30am. Hwy 91 to Donaldsonville, GA had a nice smooth shoulder, from there to the Florida border there was no shoulder. Cars and trucks have been giving me plenty of space all along so it was not a problem. I went past many large peanut farms along the way.

While stopping for a break in Donaldsonville, I ran into a couple of ladies at the local Rite Aid who suggested I make a stop by their local newspaper office just a block away. I went there and was interviewed for a story to publish in their next edition, it was too late for today’s edition.

Crossing into Florida put me in the Central Time Zone, I had not expected it so soon but it gave me an extra hour for the day 🙂

Malone is pretty small and not an easy place to meet people to host me. After eating a good meatball Subway sandwich, I did find some local business men there who suggested I stop by the City Hall only a block away. It was closed for lunch so I went to the gas station next door where I bought a copy of the Jackson County Floridian newspaper that carried a story about me from a phone interview yesterday by Lauren Delgado. Having the paper with me made it easy to have a conversation with the clerk who had just read the story herself.

Right about then a new resident to Malone, Debbie Slingerland, walked in and joined in the conversation and offered to host me for the night. Turned out she and her husband Jack, pictured below, just moved from Ft Hood in Killeen, Texas about a month ago. They have opened up their home to me and really have made me feel at home. Just finished a delicious German style dinner and am ready to finish off this blog and relax for the evening.




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