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April 26, 2012 / rickhermelin

Day 35 – Newton, TX to Woodville, TX

Tough day today. Not my longest in distance so far but the longest in moving time. About 2 miles shorter but half an hour longer. Hilly most of the way with almost 2000 feet of elevation gain (in a lot of small chunks :)).

Stopped at a Jack In The Box when I arrived in Woodville to get something cold (a bannana/strawberry smoothie) where I met a lady, Lamerle Seymour, who helped me get in touch with the local police who helped get me in touch with a member of the local volunteer fire department. He arranged to put me up at the Stagecoach Inn. While waiting at the police station, the Captain called the local newspaper and a few minutes later a reporter showed up and did a short interview and took some pictures for next week’s paper.

Also while at Jack’s I met a man who had seen me that morning in Newton.

Next door to the Inn is Elijah’s Cafe where I accidentally went in thinking I was entering the hotel. I met the general manager, Dena Freese, and some of the staff who had been impressed by the ElliptiGO as I rode in. I told them what I was doing then checked in at the Inn and took a shower after which I went back and had a piece of their bread pudding which was very good. After doing work on the computer I went back later and had a nice dinner.


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