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May 18, 2012 / rickhermelin

Day 57 – Van Horn, TX to Sierra Blanca, TX

Today’s ride felt almost too easy. Did the 500 foot climb in the first 7 1/2 miles at 11 mph average, had expected about 9 mph. We stayed on Interstate 10 all the way, the shoulders were much smoother and some of the ups and downs are levelled off compared to the frontage roads. And the headwind that was supposed to be there wasn’t. After the ride, which took only 2 1/2 hours, Bill’s friend Kyle brought us back to the hotel in Van Horn then headed home. Another of Bill’s friends, arriving later today, will take me back to Sierra Blanca in the morning from where I will continue my trip and they will head to Santa Fe, NM for Bill’s Century ride Sunday.

Bill would like to say Hi to the Hub City Wrestlers. I would like to give special thanks to Dr. Catherine Ronaghan, Bill’s wife, for lending me her husband for a week and for the financial support all week, all my expenses were covered.

The store in Balmorhea in the first picture is where Bill and I enjoyed our ice cream bars yesterday. The other pictures show some of the landscape we encountered on the ride today.


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