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May 19, 2012 / rickhermelin

Day 58 – Sierra Blanca, TX to Fort Hancock, TX

Today was my first solo ride since the ride to Rocksprings on the 11th and also the first with my backpack on since then. Larry, Bill’s friend, us to Sierra Blanca from where I took off for Fort Hancock and they took off for Santa Fe, NM. Shortly after leaving Van Horn we crossed into Mountain Time Zone so when I started from Sierra Blanca it was just before 7 am and arrived in Fort Hancock around 10 am. Bill took these two pictures of me on the Interstate 10. The ride was mostly downhill with some of them miles long with me just coasting, felt good!

When I arrived at Fort Hancock I stopped at the Mercantile store shown in the picture below. It was established the same year the fort opened, 1883, and has operated non stop since then. I had some cold water and Justin, a member of the family that owns the store, invited me to come back around noon for a free lunch he was preparing for a political election meeting being held at the store later. I then went on to check in at the Fort Hancock Motel a few blocks north near the Interstate 10 highway.

I did go back to enjoy some brisket and potato salad and apple pie while meeting some of the local residents  and listening to various candidates make their case for election or re-election.

The next three days I will stay in fire stations in Fabens, El Paso, and Anthony, TX then on to New Mexico.





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