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May 20, 2012 / rickhermelin

Day 59 – Fort Hancock, TX to Fabens, TX

Another easy day. After a good breakfast at Angie’s Restaurant, across the road from the Fort Hancock Motel, I set off on the almost flat ride to Fabens. It took less than 2 hours moving time and got to Fabens around 10:30 am. Chief Fernando Martinez came and took me to where members of his Volunteer Fire and Rescue Crew were getting tested on their driving skill handling a big tanker truck through cones set out as obstacles. We were there until about 2 pm and then the Chief treated us all to lunch at a Mexican restaurant.

Bryan Pate’s parents, Bill and Chris Pate, had called me to let me know they would be stopping in Fabens on their way to Van Horn from Tucson, AZ on their cross country trip in their motorhome. They were waiting at a nearby 7/11 store when we got back to the station. They treated me to an ice cream bar and we had a nice visit in their motorhome before they resumed their trip.

Bill Nolan completed his Century ride in Santa Fe, NM in 7:05, a very respectable time. Congratulations!!!

I am staying at the Volunteer Fire & Rescue building and have it all to myself. This is the nicest  and most comfortable of the various Volunteer buildings I have stayed at along the way.

Tomorrow there will be media waiting for me when I arrive at the El Paso Central Fire Station.







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