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May 25, 2012 / rickhermelin

Day 64 – Rincon, NM to (not quite) Deming, NM

I left Rincon early with the idea of getting some miles in before the wind picked up, it was not to be. The wind was a factor right from the start. With the hills and wind, it took over 4 hours to go 32.54 miles. The wind was getting even stronger as it got later in the afternoon so I threw in the towel and put my thumb out. A couple of nice ladies in a Volkswagen Van picked me up and gave me a ride to Deming which was still 22 miles away. There was no good reason to continue under those conditions, some of the gusts were so strong I could barely go 5 mph. My average speed for those 32.54 miles was only 7.7 mph.

I have enoyed the hospitality of the Deming Fire Department and have been treated to a good lunch and dinner. Their building is being worked on but they still found very nice accomodations for me for the night.

Here are some pictures of the Rincon and Deming crews and of the  two wonderful ladies that gave me the ride to Deming.






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