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June 4, 2012 / rickhermelin

Day 74 – Gold Canyon, AZ to Chandler, AZ

A relatively easy 35 mile ride to Chandler. The first 25 miles on a slight down slope and the rest pretty flat. My first stop was at Performance Bicycle in Chandler where I met Blake T., the Service Manager. I had been having a very slow leak on my rear tire, not enough to warrant removing it and asked Blake to take a look at it. He took the tube out without removing the tire and added sealant to it. He also noticed that the front tire was completely flat and found a “goats head” stuck on the side. My first flat in about 2500 miles and it happened as I approached the bike store. He took care of that flat also.

I then went on to my host’s house where I got cleaned up after which I went to get a bite to eat and then went back to the bike store to ask Blake some more questions. The store manager, Lance V., will be at the store tomorrow afternoon and I plan to go meet him and find out what the schedule will be like for Wednesday’s Meet and Greet event.

Joni, Jennifer, and the boys went to the gym to get a workout. I will take some pictures tomorrow for the blog.



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