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June 24, 2012 / rickhermelin

Day 94 – Pine Valley, CA to Descanso, CA

Took my time this morning because today’s ride would only be around 7 miles and I did not want to arrive too early so left a bit after 9 am. Ended up missing a turnoff and overshooting my ride on Hwy 79 by over a mile, mostly uphill, and doing almost 13 miles. At least I have an idea what I will face at the start of my ride tomorrow.

The name of this town, Descanso, means “rest” in spanish and that’s what I will mostly do all day. Even with the extra miles it still only took a bit under an hour and a quarter to cover the distance.

The fire station doesn’t have WiFi and my Verizon signal is very weak so I am using the local library’s WiFi which is located just a short distance from the station. The library is closed today, it’s Sunday, so I am doing this blog while sitting in the shade on a bench just outside the entrance.

Because the Verizon signal is so weak, I cannot send the pictures of the crew from my cell phone to my computer so I will post them in tomorrow’s blog.



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